#11: Birth of SYG Movement

Table of Contents: The Stand Your Ground Movement—A Creature of the NRAHow the Shoot First Movement Grew in AmericaThe Trayvon Martin Case—BrieflyFlorida’s Efforts to Change the Law Following the Zimmerman VerdictThe Reach of the Stand Your Ground Movement The Stand Your Ground Movement—A Creature of the NRA The Second Amendment was ratified in 1791. From then to 2005, American law included the traditional, time-honored form of self-defense. But it had little to do with the right to bear arms. It […]

#12: History of the NRA

Table of Contents: The Rise and Demise of the National Rifle AssociationA Noble BirthA Shot in the DarkNon-Profit—Tax Exempt—Intense ScrutinyThe NRA’s Mirror OppositeOliver North—The NRA & the IRSThe NRA’s Legal Troubles—Oliver North v. Wayne LaPierreGabby Giffords v. NRA The Rise and Demise of the National Rifle Association Its initials—NRA—in all caps—are recognizable in every state, city, town, and rural hamlet in America. The NRA[1], aka the National Rifle Association, stands for gun manufacturers, the gun lobby, gun owners, and gun […]

#13: Dissolving the NRA

Table of Contents: Dissolving The NRAThe NRA Shoots Back—Or FirstThe NRA Fires at Ackerman McQueenThe NRA In 2021 Dissolving the NRA We live in the era of Shoot First and Stand Your Ground advocates. We have the NRA to thank for that. But at least as of August 6, 2020, there may be light at the end of the tunnel between NRA’s headquarters in New York and the Office of the New York Attorney General. “NEW YORK—New York Attorney General […]

#14: Culpable Aggression

Table of Contents: Culpable Aggression—The Basis for Moral Liability to Defensive KillingAggressor-Centered or Defender Centered?Vigilantes and HeroesVigilante JusticeThe Kyle Rittenhouse Case —August 2020Vigilante Metaphors—Teenage ShootersVigilante? Militia? Confused? Politics? Labeling?Connecting the Dots—Gun Violence—Self-DefenseAn Uneasy PeaceGun Violence and GuiltBerger v. U.S.A History of America’s Love Affair With Lethal Self Defense Culpable Aggression—The Basis for Moral Liability to Defensive Killing Self-defense takes at least two people, squared off against one another—an aggressor and a defender. It exists only as a countermeasure. If there […]

#15: Law Enforcement Perspective

Table of Contents: Law Enforcement Perspective On Campus ShootingsFirearms Restraining OrdersInternational Association of Chiefs of PoliceRand Corporation Study—Law Enforcement Approaches for Reducing Gun ViolenceWhen Stand Your Ground Meets Blue Lives MatterSYG Draws Fire From Prosecutors and PoliceConclusions by the American Journal of Public Health—April 2021The Duty To Retreat Law Enforcement Perspective On Campus Shootings Guns on American campuses were never a one-sided triangle. There have always been three sides—shooters—students—and police officers. Shooters claim justification and stand their ground. Students scream […]

#16: Gun Control On University & College Campuses

Table of Contents: Gun Control On University & College CampusesCampus Gun Control On College Campuses In the Wake of US Supreme Court DecisionsThe Move Down From the Court Onto the CampusWhat Can Universities Do to Enact Campus Gun Control Policies?What Did The Supreme Court Do in Heller and McDonald?The State of Concealed and Open Carry Gun LawsBattle Lines DrawnThe Second Amendment Goes To CollegeGuns In ClassroomsArizona Gun Laws and UniversitiesCampus CarryLoose Laws = More GunsArmed CampusesReady, Fire, Aim: The College […]

#17: Preparing For School Shootings

Table of Contents: Preparing For School ShootingsThreat Assessment—Emergency Management—Crisis CommunicationsActive Shooter Situations—PreventionPlanning—Mitigating—Avoiding LiabilityCompare and Contrast High School ShootingsThe Dickey and Tiahrt AmendmentsVetoing State Gun RegulationsPolitical Reality Preparing For School Shootings Shooters prepare for shooting up schools. So it only makes sense that schools should also prepare. Shooters come in all sizes, shapes and cognitive readiness. They shoot from different perspectives. But they have commonalities too. They know guns. They are invested in gun culture. They have all the makings of […]

#18: Gun Violence & Covid-19

Table of Contents: Gun Violence & Covid-19A Brief History—Defining Gun Violence as a Public Health CrisisCOVID-19’s Impact On Gun ViolenceThe Perfect Storm of TragedyThe Link Between Covid-19 and Gun ViolenceParadoxical TrendsSurging Gun Sales & Stand Your Ground StatesGun Death Rates and Covid-19 Death RatesCOVID-19 Aid & America’s Rise in Violent Crime Gun Violence & Covid-19 Gun violence has always been a public health crisis. Covid-10 became a public health crisis in 2020. They have much in common. Both are contagious, […]

#19: Teenage Shooters

Table of Contents: Teenage ShootersJust A Terrible DayMinimum Age LawsCognitive DysfunctionSchool Shootings & Student Mental HealthSentencing Teenage Shooters Teenage Shooters Age is neither a barrier nor a bridge. Most states make you stay in school in school until you’re sixteen. You can’t buy a handgun until you’re twenty-one.[1] But you can buy a long rifle at eighteen.[2] Theoretically, minimum age laws prevent young people from falling prey to preventable gun violence. Parents who act like children do the opposite—some create […]

#20: Access To Guns

Table of Contents: Access To GunsLaws Allowing Children to Own Rifles and ShotgunsThe Youth Gun MarketIncreased Risk of Homicide, Suicide and Death by Unintentional ShootingIllegal Access to HandgunsDiversion Of Guns From FFL’s to Felons to Underage ShootersFederal Gun Laws Against Gun TraffickingGlobal Gun ViolenceLiving With GunsUnderground Gun MarketsAccess to Guns in Childhood Access To Guns This Report is prompted by a letter to the editor of the Albuquerque Journal invitingly titled, “Get To The Bottom Of Who Deals In Guns.”[1] […]