#27: 2022 & 2023—The Deadliest Years For Campus Gun Violence

Table of Contents But For The Presence of A Gun Guns in America are what rice is to Asian countries. They are as ubiquitous as a pint of Guinness in Ireland and as controversial as birth control in Kenya. A thousand times a day, every day, Americans either glory in or hate the presence of guns. “It is in our cultural DNA, a mythological disposition that took root in the glorification of our nation’s frontier culture. Back in those brutal, […]

#26: More Guns, More Mass Shootings

Table of Contents 2018 to 2022 There have been 40 school shootings in 2022 year that resulted in injuries or deaths, the most in a single year since Education Week began tracking such incidents. There have been 133 such shootings since 2018. Before 2022, the highest number of school shootings with injuries or deaths was last year when there were 35. There were 10 in 2020, and 24 each in 2019 and 2018.[1] There were 35 school shootings in 2021 […]

#25: The Worst Campus Shootings In American History

Table of Contents: The Worst Campus Shootings In American HistoryShooter Seung-Hui Chou—Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityBlacksburg, Virginia—33 killed and 17 wounded—April 16, 2007Shooter Adam Lanza—Sandy Hook Elementary School—Newtown Connecticut28 killed and 2 wounded—December 14, 2012Shooter Charles Whitman—University of Texas, Austin18 Dead—31 Injured—August 1, 1966Shooter Nicholas Cruz—Stoneman Douglas High School—Parkland Florida17 dead, 17 wounded—February 14, 2018Shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold—Columbine High School—Littleton, Colorado15 killed—21 wounded—April 20, 1999Shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis—Santa Fe High School, Santa Fe Texas8 killed—13 wounded—May 18, 2018Shooter […]

#07: Armed Guards On Campus

Table of Contents: Armed Guards On CampusStopping Gun Violence By More Guns On CampusSafer Schools Without Armed GuardsAlternative Viable Solutions Without Armed Guards On CampusPreventing School ShootingsDiminished Coping Skills—Isolation—Paranoia—Bullying Armed Guards On Campus The central focus of my reporting on this website is Guns On Campus, writ large. I’m inalterably opposed to guns in the hands of students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Armed guards on campus is a different matter. Yes, they are necessary—on some campuses. Yes, they make the […]

#08: Presumptions of Law In the Stand Your Ground Era

Table of Contents: Presumptions of Law In the Stand Your Ground EraPresumption of InnocenceOther Important Presumptions of LawPresumption of GuiltPresumed To Be Standing Your Ground Presumptions of Law In the Stand Your Ground Era A presumption is an idea taken to be true. It’s often used as the basis for other ideas, although most presumptions are uncertain. In common usage, presumptions are informal. Legal “presumptions” apply in court to a variety of cases and circumstances. A legal presumption is an […]

#06: Gun History From Gunpowder to Glock to Gun Violence

Table of Contents: Gun History From Gunpowder to Glock to Gun ViolenceGunpowderSamuel Colt & Richard GatlingAustria and GlockAmerica’s HandgunGun ViolenceEveryTownResearch.orgThe Media and Gun Violence—Two Peas In One PodGun SafetyCan Gun Violence Be Stopped? Gun History From Gunpowder to Glock to Gun Violence Without a gun, there would be no gun violence. That’s true of the tragedies emanating from the Steven Jones shooting at Northern Arizona University in October 2015. That’s also true for the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln, John F. […]

#05: The Arizona Perspective—State of Arizona v. Steven Jones

Table of Contents: A Clash Of Perspectives—Shooters and StudentsThe Arizona Perspective—State of Arizona v. Steven Jones—2020Juries—Picked by Chance—Confused by EvidenceBut For The Presence Of A Gun . . . A Clash Of Perspectives—Shooters and Students             In some ways, the clash of campus perspectives on guns on campus reflects the ideological split between rural and urban America. Or between conservatives and progressives. Or betwixt shooters and students. 99.9 per cent of students enter college to learn, not to shoot, or […]

#04: Civil Litigation–Campus Shootings

Table of Contents: Civil Litigation –Campus Shootings Burden Of Proof & Weight Of The Evidence The Steven E. Jones civil case—Northern Arizona University—October 9, 2015 Civil Cases Following US Mass Shootings Gun Industry Immunity from Mass Shooting Claims The Columbine School Civil Case The Sandy Hook School Civil Case School Shooters Database and Assessment Conclusions From Civil Litigation in Gun Violence Cases Civil Litigation–Campus Shootings The stark difference between criminal and civil litigation in America is neither novel nor hard […]

#03: Steven Edward Jones—NAU’s Worst Nightmare

Table of Contents: Indictment Proof is Evident—Presumption Great Steven Edward Jones—NAU’s Worst Nightmare Grand Juries & Petit Juries “Alleged” Shooting Victims The History of Grand Jury Indictments Grand Juries & Stand Your Ground Cases George Zimmerman & Others Stand Their Ground Stand-Your-Ground v. Traditional Self-Defense Laws Steven Edward Jones—NAU’s Worst Nightmare Indictment The word “indictment” cannot be fully appreciated without a collateral understanding of grand juries and the Fifth Amendment. The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires the federal […]

#02: The University of Texas Tower Mass Shooting Case

Table of Contents: The University of Texas Tower Mass Shooting Case Austin, Texas August 1, 1966 School Shootings The University Of Texas Tower Case—1966 Aftermath and Legacy Lessons Learned—Lessons Ignored The Reality of Guns in America Austin, Texas August 1, 1966 The University of Texas Tower Mass Shooting Case School Shootings The modern era of campus mass shootings began in Texas in 1966. It lit a fuse of continuous, ruinous, systemic school shootings. It began on a quiet, peaceful university […]